Unique Frag Transport System From BAO Makes Traveling With Corals Super Easy

Posted by on November 25, 2014 - zero

By Brandon Klaus

BAO Frag Transport System

Here is a nifty portable frag rack that should make trips to the local frag swaps a whole lot more convenient. Building An Obsession, an acrylic fabricator that has lots of sweet goodies, showed this off a little while back, and it is completely awesome in a number of ways. For one, this frag frack stacks numerous shelves on top of each other, but keeps them separated thanks to the holding post design. The trays can be set at varying distances, allowing for space for taller frags or for numerous trays to be stored closer together. The design of the post also locks the trays in place, preventing them from falling on top of the corals on the shelves below. But that’s not even the coolest feature.

Each tray can hold up to 45 frag plugs, keeping them locked into the hole with specially designed fingers. These fingers prevent the frag plug from slipping out of the tray, and interestingly they can be used for virtually any type or style of frag plug regardless of the post shape or size. Obviously, this system cannot hold plugs that don’t have the post. The strength of the fingers is also …read more

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