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Through The Eyes Of The Seneye Reef Monitor

The Seneye is a line of monitors designed to make your life much easier. They come in various models to accommodate most types of aquariums and even your pond! The product that is up for review today is the Seneye Reef Monitor made by Reef Read more here…


Feed Like A Geek. Your Reef Will LOVE You For It!

As you know, when I’m not stocking fellow reefers with cool corals, I get to travel around the country and talk about geeky reef topics. One of my most in-demand topics is “Nutrient Control and Export”, which, in other words, is a nice way of Read more here…

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Merulina Coral Awareness

Merulina Coral Awareness Are you into rare corals but also like preserving life in the ocean? The Merulina coral, also known as Lettuce, Cabbage, Ridge, or Ruffled Coral, may just be your ticket to preservation! Some species of Merulina coral fall within the Marine Protected Areas. Read more here…

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Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss Fish! (Belonoperca Pylei)

Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss Fish! (Belonoperca pylei) One of the least likely fish to appear in your LFS is the Dr. Seuss fish. In fact, you will not find but an extremely limited amount of information about this particular species on the internet. Read more here…

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Random Musings On Coral Frags. The Beginning Of An Open Dialogue!

Random musings on coral frags. The beginning of an open dialogue! By Scott Fellman As you might have noticed, we offer and sell a lot of coral frags here at Unique Corals. When you work a lot with frags, even the most dense reefer (hey, Read more here…


LFS: “Local Fish Shop” Or “Lying For Sales?!” Is Your Store Legit?

LFS: “Local Fish Shop” or “Lying For Sales?!” Is Your Store Legit? What is the most common reason for giving up the salt water hobby? When you search through the endless listings of reef tanks for sale on Craigslist, the majority of tanks are not Read more here…

HOW2REEF: The Supreme Guide To Setting Up A Saltwater Reef Aquarium

HOW2REEF: The Supreme Guide to setting up a Saltwater Reef Aquarium This article was sponsored by Marine Depot at Introduction The marine environment is one of the most complex systems on the planet. The aquarium you are about to set up is only a Read more here…


Refractometers Or Hydrometers: Why The Latter Should Contain A Warning

Refractometers or Hydrometers Why the latter should contain a warning By: Justin Leoni of Reef Savers Aquatic Services   Introduction Having been around saltwater aquariums for most of my now almost forty years, I’ve seen many gizmos and gadgets. I’ve seen a hobby that one Read more here…

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The Cuttlefish: Strangest Cephalapod In The Sea

The Cuttlefish This is one of the strangest cephalapods in the sea. They resemble a squid or an octopus but also resemble a fish from another dimension. Another interesting fact about these invertebrates is that they are not native to the United States. The cuttlefish Read more here…


Seneye Reef Device Giveaway: Sponsored By Reef Radiance

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