Unique Corals Is Loaded With Top Notch Corals [Picture Intensive]

Posted by on February 24, 2014 - zero

By Brandon Klaus

Neon Orange Chalice Unique Corals

Besides hitting up Sea Dwelling Creatures on our tour of Los Angeles, we also spent a big chunk of time with Scott Fellman and Joseph Caparatta at their store, Unique Corals. During our visit, we walked up and down each and every coral raceway, gawking at all of the amazing livestock (which was predominantly corals) and picking Scott’s brilliant mind for information about the store’s operations.

Upon arriving at Unique Corals, we noticed that there was no sign, but we just knew we were at a reef junky’s paradise when we saw the loads of equipment pouring out of the large overhead door of the building. Entering the facility, we knew this wasn’t like your typical fish store, and it wasn’t really designed to be. It lacks the retail store feel and has more of a wholesale operation look (at least currently).


Entering the building, there’s more of a small office space sort of feel, with offices on either side of a small corridor and a nano aquarium greeting customers. Passing through the door into the warehouse, there is a little ongoing construction as Unique Corals was currently in …read more

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