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By Leonard Ho

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The Indiegogo crowd-source funding for Biota Aquarium is now underway. Despite the Indiegogo title, Biota Aquarium isn’t just another AIO (all-in-one) aquarium. Having teamed up with recognized industry leaders, the complete system includes all the equipment plus livestock to establish a successful reef tank … and all of it is shipped to your door. But the most novel feature of Biota Aquarium is its designed three-shipment process that guides people to set up their new aquariums in the proper order/timeline.

First shipment: All-in-on aquarium.

The AIO includes the following components supplied by Fluval, Two Little Fishies, and Piscine Energetics:

1. Biota Aquarium Tank (16 gallon total volume) | 2. 100W Heater | 3. Salt Bags | 4. 16W LED Light & Timer | 5. 132 gph pump | 6. Water Conditioner | 7. Biological Enhancer | 8. Hydrometer | 9. Thermometer | 10. Cleaning Magnets | 11. Food

Second shipment: Live rock and sand

After you mix your salt and your aquarium is up and running, Biota will then ship you aquacultured live sand and live rock from Real Reef.

Third shipment: Live fish and corals

Once your new reef is cycled, Biota will finally ship you sustainably bred livestock from Biota Marine Life Nursery in Palau and ORA Farms in Florida. The initial fishes offered are one captive bred/raised clownfish and one rainfordi goby. Invertebrate selection appears more variable but may include leather corals, zoanthids, and bubble-tip anemones.

Biota Aquarium promises that for every fish bought another fish will be released into the protected waters of Palau. Donations will also go to ocean conversation via the 1% for the Planet™.

The “early bird” Indiegogo price for the complete system is $399 USD. Biota Aquarium aims to ship the first packages to their Indiegogo backers in November 2016 with full roll-out in 2017. Due to International Agriculture Laws, Biota is only available to the contiguous US (48 contiguous states & Washington DC).

The Biota Aquarium is unlikely to appeal to seasoned reefkeepers. However, it is an outstanding and revolutionary way to introduce new people to our hobby. Biota’s process will make sure new hobbyists properly cycle their new aquariums before they receive healthy, direct-shipped aquacultured livestock that is appropriate for the tank selection. And being eco-conscious and supporting aquaculture are gravy.

To learn more, visit Biota Aquarium’s website or their Indiegogo page, where you can also contribute to the project funding.

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