Red Sea Announces REEFER Series Of Rimless Aquarium Systems

Posted by on November 17, 2014 - zero

By Brandon Klaus

Red Sea REEFER System

Red Sea is shaking up their lineup with today’s announcement of their new REEFER System aquariums. These sleek new tank and stand combos offer up a rimless, low-iron glass playground for hobbyists from all walks. They include a well-rounded filtration system and auto top-off system that is spearheaded by Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system, and they incorporate plenty of the popular tech originally developed for the Red Sea MAX aquariums.

As far as the filtration system goes, the REEFER sports removable surface skimming teeth on the centrally located overflow box, which houses the silent running plumbing that feeds the sump and an emergency overflow pipe. From there, water enters into the sump through a 200 micron filter bag and travels through a protein skimmer chamber, then a bubble removing cascade, followed by the return section, then back to the display. In the display is a set of multi-directional return outlet nozzles that let you point the flow where it’s needed most. Another great feature of the REEFER series sumps is the integrated top-off system that keeps water in the sump constant. As far as installation goes, the kit does require some assembly, but all of the piping …read more

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