Pacific Sun Offers Up Five New T5HO For The Fluorescent Crowd

Posted by on November 24, 2014 - zero

By Brandon Klaus

Pacific Sun New T5HO Tube

Pacific Sun is debuting another new line of lighting equipment with their brand spanking new T5HO fluorescent tubes. Designed with their beefy LED/T5HO hybrid light fixtures in mind, these lamps are said to be available in five different color combos and four sizes. That said, the Pacific Sun website only lists four colors (see below) and three sizes (39w, 54w, and 80w) leading us to assume that there may be a yet to be announced color and just an unlisted availability for the smallest size T5 tube.

Regardless, the lamps are available in Crystal Blue (420nm blue), Shallow Water 18.000K (white), Pigment INT+ (full spectrum with blue and red), and finally the Spectra+ 19.500K (a combination of the previous three). These four offerings cover a really broad spectrum that would make any coral color pop, and with the three currently available sizes (with a potential for a fourth), virtually every T5 loving hobbyist could give them a go.

Here are the spectral plots and descriptions from Pacific Sun:

Crystal Blue T5

The Crystal Blue T5 tube combines the properties of a blue tube (approximately 460nm) with an actinic tube (approximately 420nm), producing an intense blue light with high PAR numbers and …read more

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