On Stocking A Reef Aquarium: Part I

Posted by on September 30, 2015 - zero

By James W. Fatherree

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In a previous article, I presented information on the livestock in my 125 gallon mixed-reef aquarium, as well as the equipment and maintenance required to take care of everything (Fatherree, 2014). I also pointed out that there had been compatibility issues with some livestock in the past and the present. A lot of things have been placed in and taken out of the aquarium, seeing what works and what doesn’t, and what I have now is the result of quite a bit of trial and error. Many things have presented issues as they’ve grown closer and into contact with each other, as well.

So, I’ll cover the subject of compatibilities in two articles with the hopes of making the planning and stocking process easier for other reef aquarium hobbyists. I’ll also give some tips on how to deal with a few problems, such as trapping problematic fishes. For now we’ll look at the fishes and non-cnidarian invertebrates, with cnidarians and humans coming next.

The Fishes

Before I say anything about my own experiences with fishes, it’s important to remember that every fish is an individual and every one of them has its own personality. It’s easy …read more

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