LEGO ReefScape Models Of Your Favorite Marine Life Available Soon

Posted by on October 30, 2014 - zero

By Brandon Klaus

Tropical Marine Centre Lego Reef Tank

Do you remember that awesome LEGO reefs from Tropical Marine Centre that was on display at InterZoo 2014? Well, if you’re as much of a LEGOfile as we are, then you’ll be tickled by the fact that you can buy LEGO models of each of the fish and invertebrates that were shown at the big multi-national aquarium show. Falling under the name ReefScape, these colorful block designs were designed by certified LEGO professionals and feature 16 models spread across 3 series. The collection includes fish like the blue spotted stingray, yellow tang, clown triggerfish, Ocellaris clownfish, seahorses, and even coral banded shrimp to name a few.

Each model is incredibly detailed, sporting the signature color scheme of each species and even moving parts such as fins. Many of the smaller fish come in pairs or even trios, not only giving hobbyists their money’s worth, but also somewhat mimicking how these animals are seen in nature. For example, the clownfish come as a male-female pair, and the female is even larger than the male. That’s a key detail that would normally be lost on generalized models like these.

LEGO Coral Banded Shrimp

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