Introducing R2R TV!! An Insider Tour Of Julian Sprung’s Reef

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REEF2REEF and AFISHIONADO are teaming up to bring you R2R TV!

For this series, you can expect to see some of the most unique and beautiful tanks of Reef2Reef.

Viewers will follow me to the homes of fellow hobbyists who graciously share their unique perspective in discussing the importance of intelligent aquascaping and housing proper inhabitants’ equipments. We will also be able to pick their brains to get their insight, methods and the reasons behind them. The elegance of their tanks are truly a testament to their credibility.

I would like to educate new hobbyists and also motivate existing hobbyists to push past their boundaries to try something that they have not done before, either a new technique, system or product. My hope is that it will rekindle their passion and love for the hobby and inspire them to make their system thrive and run more efficiently.

The idea for this series came to me because I’m an avid hobbyist myself. I thought about what it might be like to be in the beginning hobbyists’ shoes. Also, sometimes even I need the right push to respark my interest when it starts becoming a bit monotonous, to experiment and get a change in pace. My thought process is that we need something to help us learn and to get to the level of these experts. How can we present a product where everyone at all skill levels can learn something new and have fun at the same time? Many people, including myself, are visual learners, and we learn better from watching others do things, rather than reading about them. I believe that these videos will be the catalyst for my vision to present and highlight how to achieve these beautiful tanks and to acknowledge the people who share their professional and sincere advice from years of experience through their many trials, errors, disappointments and successes. It will be an exciting, remarkable and enlightening experience for the viewer.

~ Richard Black (Afishionado)

In this episode, we’re taking a tour of Julian Sprung’s Reef! Check it out!

Also, be sure to check out other episodes of R2R TV at!



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