Euroquatics Introduces New E5 Aquarium Lamp

Posted by on September 30, 2015 - zero

By Scott Groseclose


Euroquatics Introduces New E5 Aquarium Lamp – A plug and play replacement for T5 Fixtures

Have you ever wanted to or tried to retrofit an LED strip light into a T5 fixture? We have but the outcome was not a plug and play solution and the appearance of the fixture was not optimal. Well, if a hybrid T5/LED fixture is what you are looking for then Euroquatics has the solution for you. With this light you can now add LED lights to your existing T5 fixture or you can power them up with a traditional electronic aquarium ballast. No word on the pricing and PAR numbers yet but what we do know is that these individual LED tubes will put out more PAR with less power consumption than T5 HO lamps. Read more about them below in the Euroquatics Press Release.

[Aalsmeer, Netherlands – September 29, 2015] Euroquatics, a wholly owned subsidiary of horticultural lighting giant Gavita Holland, and Transcend Lighting, the world leader in LED grow light technology, teamed up to announce the launch of the E5 aquarium light lamps. With numerous capabilities and features, the highly efficient new lamps can be used in place of …read more

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