Are You Playing Reef Russian Roulette?

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Are You Playing Reef Russian Roulette?

Hi there friends!

Just got through reviewing the new No-Nonsense Guide to Saltwater Fish Diseases, Treatments and Quarantine written by Mark Callahan and Steven Pro and I must say I am very impressed!

Like most of you have experienced in the past and may be experiencing now, I too have lost fish due to sickness and disease. Shame on me but yes I have been one of the ones that did not QT fish and ended up losing them and other little wet pets due to something that was introduced to my aquarium from a new fish and due to my lack of preventive measures. I have since changed my mind!

At one time it was very difficult to “decipher” so to speak the volumes of information that is found on the internet and forums. Many people have many views and ideas but it is hard to really put a finger on what is tried, true, and proven to be the correct way to QT your fish. And honestly it can seem very daunting when trying to put two and two together. But not anymore! Refreshingly this guide lays out the steps and procedures that are actually pretty easy to understand and is definitely an interesting and great read.

Honestly if you have ever wondered about quarantining fish, lost fish due to sickness or disease, or are in the precarious situation where you need QT information NOW then you must give this book a serious look. I have never seen such a knowledgeable and comprehensive compilation of facts and good reading than in this guide.

You may have had good luck so far without quarantining your fish and that is great but be warned If you’re not quarantining your fish you are playing what I call Reef Russian Roulette and there is a bullet in the chamber so to speak. How do I know? Been there and done that unfortunately.

I could go on but I will end by saying this. This guide is not something that was just thrown together and is a few pages of information. This took time, knowledge, experience, and a lot of work to write. You owe it to your pocketbook and your fish to pick up this guide and read it!

I wholeheartedly endorse this guide! :)




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