sps coral

Acropora secale from the author's 300-gal. reef aquarium.

Acropora Secale: The Buff Beauty

By Mike Lauderdale Acropora secale is buff. It works out. Not like a “10 minutes on the treadmill” kind of work out, either. This coral is one of the most dense that I have ever kept in my system. It is a high-energy, high-output kind Read more here…

image via nationalgeographic.com

Merulina Coral Awareness

Merulina Coral Awareness Are you into rare corals but also like preserving life in the ocean? The Merulina coral, also known as Lettuce, Cabbage, Ridge, or Ruffled Coral, may just be your ticket to preservation! Some species of Merulina coral fall within the Marine Protected Areas. Read more here…