E. glabrescens (torch). Credit: sherita

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful…Euphyllia

The genus Euphyllia contains some of the most spectacular and recognizable corals we’ve come to love in the marine aquarium hobby. They fall under the hobby coined term, “LPS”, or Large Polyp Stony corals. While the term LPS can shed some light on their overall Read more here…

image via Sexy Corals

The Open Brain Coral (Lobophyllia)

The Open Brain Coral (Lobophyllia) Do you feel like your reef could use a higher I.Q. Score? The number one cause of a stupid aquarium is a lack of brains! Okay, maybe the brain coral does not help much in the intelligence factor but they Read more here…

image via R2R member Ninjapotamus

Goniopora Or Goner-oh-poo? The Flower Pot Coral

Goniopora or Goner-oh-poo? The Flower Pot Coral This is one amazingly hard to keep coral. If you are one of the few who have made it longer than a year than you are truly a supreme reefer. These are known as one of the hardest Read more here…