Saltwater Aquarium Equipment


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UV Light


ULTRAVIOLET STERILIZERS: Do you UV? Within natural sunlight is a wide array of wavelengths of light, each serving its own purpose. Today we will investigate the properties of Ultraviolet light and its effects on particular life forms. Most UV lights you see illuminate posters or Read more here…

Sump in use with equipment. image via R2R member Poseidon

Aquarium SUMPS – The Rundown

SUMPS – The Rundown By definition a sump is a pit or hollow in which liquid collects, in particular. (Wiki). If you are new to the aquarium hobby, you may have heard the word sump before. In the aquarium hobby, and even in professional setups Read more here…

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MOTION OF THE OCEAN: The Motion Of Your Aquarium

MOTION OF THE OCEAN: The Motion of your aquarium We all want waves! They look great on the beach, and they look awesome in our tanks. Some of the waves people produce in aquariums are outstandingly realistic and benefit their corals ten times more than Read more here…

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Reverse Osmosis And Deionization RO/DI

Reverse Osmosis and Deionization RO/DI Reverse Osmosis and Deionization is a standard in water purification for use in reef keeping. It allows for 100% H, 2, and O. There are tap water conditioners out there, but adding chemicals may not be for you. When you Read more here…



  AQUARIUM CONTROLLERS The art of stability is an amazing ability developed as you become smarter and learn the signs of change. As we get more in tune with our tanks, technology is being developed every day to allow us to take a more hands Read more here…

Avast Marine CS3 Cone Skimmer


  FILTRATION METHODS When a fish, snail, crab, copepod, shrimp, or coral eats what happens? They poop! When poop is submersed in water it dissolves and becomes detritus, or waste powder. Detritus causes ugly rocks, sand, and feeds bacteria and algae. We do not want Read more here…


Aquarium Lighting

  Aquarium Lighting One of the hardest concepts to grasp is Lighting. It is also one of the most controversial topics brought up when talking to owners of pet stores and even veteran reefers. Try telling someone with 10 year old corals raised by fluorescent Read more here…


ORP: Potentially The Most Influencial Parameter

ORP: Oxygen Redox Potential, Potentially the Most Influential Parameter Period ORP, or Oxidation-Reduction Potential, is one of the most important parameters in any marine tank. ORP is the measure of electrical conductivity related to your systems potential to recycle waste and other organics. The …

skimmer dia

What Is A Protein Skimmer And How Does It Work?

When you go to the beach and “sea” foam, pun intended, you will also smell a very familiar odor. The ocean is a gigantic system of natural filtration and chemical dosing. Today we will focus on the filtration factor. Protein Skimming! First off, what on Read more here…