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ReefKoi Corals Has The Most Amazing Rainbow Plate Coral Ever

By Brandon Klaus Our pals at ReefKoi Corals have just teased possible the greatest plate coral we have ever laid eyes on. This amazing piece redefines the rainbow genre, sporting at lead five different shade and a whole bunch of awesomeness. We see at least Read more here…

New Video Of Dormero Rotes Ross’ 660 Gallon Reef

By Leonard Ho Click through to see the images. And a bonus video from last month with better white balance: …read more Read more here: Advanced Aquarist     

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Pacific Island Aquatics Is Shutting Down

By Brandon Klaus It is with a very sad and heavy heart that we announced that our friends at Pacific Island Aquatics are officially closing their doors. After serving the aquarium hobby for several years, and being a virtual staple here on the AquaNerd Blog, Read more here…

Tip Of The Day – 9/23/2014

By Brandon Klaus Every once in a while, the aquarium just looks like garbage. The water is kind of dingy, the corals all look deflated, and the fish are not too impressed with what is going on. The quickest solution to this problem is a Read more here…

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Barely There: Trace Elements In The Reef Aquarium

By Than Thein What are trace elements exactly and what role do they play in our reef aquariums? To put it simply, trace elements are elements that appear in very small quantities in salt water. They are vital to all sorts of biological processes and Read more here…

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AIMS Opens National Sea Simulator

By Brandon Klaus The Australian Institute of Marine Science, or AIMS for short, has been a crucial force in the world of coral research and species identification. They specialize in the Great Barrier Reef, as well as a couple of other areas, and they have Read more here…

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Reef-A-Palooza 2014 Invades SoCal This October

By Brandon Klaus Reef-A-Palooza is back and they’re planning to be bigger than ever. Last year saw an absolutely monstrous show, with over 5000 saltwater hobbyists showing up to check out the vendors, buy up coral frags, and take part in the guest speakers and Read more here…

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Picture Of The Week, Green And Orange Fungia

By Brandon Klaus Monday is back, and even though we’re already well into September, we wanted to take a quick stroll down memory lane with this image of a rather lovely plate coral from MACNA 2014. This amazing piece has alternating green and orange coloration Read more here…

Two-faced Angelfish

By Leonard Ho Click through to see the images. …read more Read more here: Advanced Aquarist     

Tip Of The Day – 9/22/2014

By Brandon Klaus Marine aquariums, by and large, use copious amounts of live rock as the basis of not only their landscape, but also a significant portion of their biological filtration. While the giant rock wall does serve a purpose, such as providing a place Read more here…