Tenji Redefines “dive Bar” With 7,500 Gallon Custom Aquarium

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By Leonard Ho


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Lauren Barbati wrote the following article for Advanced Aquarist. All photo credits belong to Juan Ayora Photography.

Dive Bar Mermaid Aquarium

Tenji, the team that designed the spectacular walk-through jellyfish aquariums Advanced Aquarist wrote about a couple of months ago treats us with another cool aquarium build. They recently created a stunning 7,500 gallon custom aquarium in one of Sacramento’s trendiest clubs.

The aquarium at the Dive Bar appears to be magically suspended as it hangs cantilevered over the bar 15 feet off the ground. The elaborately themed tank looks like a bar aboard a sunken ship complete with antique-looking bottles and other casino artifacts.

Brilliantly colored marine fish, including exotic French Angelfish, Batfish and Lookdowns, make the tank come alive. However, the main attraction in the aquarium is undoubtedly the pair of live mermaids that glide through the aquarium seducing patrons with their curvy tails.


Completing this remarkable feat of aquatic engineering required extensive planning and design from Tenji. From the first drawing to adding the first fish took nearly 18 months. The 48ft long aquarium was so big that street traffic and the Sacramento City Light Rail System had to …read more

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