Tank Profile: Alex Stamb’s Greek NSW-fueled Nano

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By Chris Aldrich


We recently published an article about the challenges of collecting natural sea water (NSW) for your marine aquarium. In that week’s Salt Smart Newsletter, we asked any readers who used NSW in their aquarium to tell us about their experience. Alex Stamb, a physician from Greece, was one of the folks who answered our call, so we would like to introduce you to this aquarist and his system.

The Aquarist

Alex resides in Thessaloniki, Greece, which is situated on the northern shores of the Thermaic Gulf on the Aegean Sea (part of the Mediterranean Sea). As a 12-year veteran of the saltwater aquarium hobby, he has enjoyed learning about reef aquariums, growing a variety of corals, and tackling various DIY projects.

Aquarium & Equipment

The heart of Alex’s system is a Red Sea Max 130 (34 gallons). The rest of the equipment list is as follows:

  • DIY overflow
  • Sump
  • SWC 120 protein skimmer
  • (2) VorTech MP10′s
  • DIY auto top off
  • DIY LED lighting
  • Eheim 2000+ pump
  • ATS dosing pump

NSW Collection & Preparation

collection-siteIn performing weekly NSW changes for the last year, Alex has tried many collection sites throughout the Chalkidiki peninsula, but he settled on a location …read more

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