Image from the paper Invertebrate Systematics, 2003, 17, 407–428

A Zoanthid Interview: James Davis Reimer

By Josue Matias The students and staff at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Oceanographic Center (OC), Dania Beach, FL, are engaged in several studies of marine life. For example, they are conducting studies on issues such as the invasive lion fish and how to eradicate them and Florida Read more here…


Zoanthid Spotlight: Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops Zoanthids This month’s zoa spotlight will feature the “Fruit loops” zoanthid. These tiny zoas are in almost everyone’s top 10 most wanted zoas list. They are also in most people’s top ten want, but can’t have (because they are notorious for melting away) Read more here…

joshporksandwic 125g Zoa Dominated Tank


GENERAL ZOANTHID CARE Zoanthids are one of the most diverse species of coral we see. They come in an infinite array of colors and color morphs. They are mostly compatible with each other, allowing multiple colors in one colony, sometimes even creating new colors. The Read more here…