Large Polyp Stony coral

image via Sexy Corals

The Open Brain Coral (Lobophyllia)

The Open Brain Coral (Lobophyllia) Do you feel like your reef could use a higher I.Q. Score? The number one cause of a stupid aquarium is a lack of brains! Okay, maybe the brain coral does not help much in the intelligence factor but they Read more here…

image via R2R member Ninjapotamus

Goniopora Or Goner-oh-poo? The Flower Pot Coral

Goniopora or Goner-oh-poo? The Flower Pot Coral This is one amazingly hard to keep coral. If you are one of the few who have made it longer than a year than you are truly a supreme reefer. These are known as one of the hardest Read more here…