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Video Spotlight: Laser Away Pest Anemones (aiptasia & Majanos)

By Marc Levenson At long last, I finally own a laser of my very own. Being told it’s the perfect tool to kill Aiptasia in my reef, I’ve been using it nearly daily to see how it works and how effective it can be. Check Read more here…

berghia eating aiptasia anemones that were situated in between the polyps of the coral colony: image via

Aiptasia Eaters: Eradicating This Pest Anemone

Aiptasia is a monster of a problem for some. There are a few ways to eradicate them. Some people buy products designed to inject into their bodies. Some even use electricity to cook the you-know-whats. Even lemon juice, vinegar, and kalkwasser paste are a common, Read more here…