SPS Spotlight: Mistaken Identity – Acropora Tortuosa And Its Imposters

SPS Spotlight: Mistaken Identity – Acropora tortuosa and Its Imposters By Mike Lauderdale Tortuosa are an especially interesting species of Acropora. As SPS lovers have come to know, the variety of color and growth forms in this group of corals perpetually attracts the interest of reef-aquarium hobbyists. Read more here…


SPS Spotlight: Mo Flo – The Beautiful Acropora Efflorescens

Last month, I wrote about the thick, fusing branches of Acropora austera. This month, I present another thickly growing SPS, the beautiful A. efflorescens. The “efflo” as is frequently called in the aquarium trade, is a plating coral that is rare by SPS standards, growing Read more here…