Maxspect Gyre Pitted Against EcoTech VorTech Pumps In This Flow Comparison Video

Posted by on September 30, 2014 - zero

By Brandon Klaus

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for. The Maxspect Gyre, which debuted earlier this year with a ton of buzz around it, has been put to the ultimate test. In this comparison video, hobbyist and YouTuber Ben Wagoner did a side-by-side flow test with the current king of the water pump mountain, the EcoTech Marine VorTech MP40w, or rather two of them. To compare the flows, Ben did two separate tests, both of which give great visualizations to how differently each operates.

The first test was with a cup of fish food, which is a little hard to see, but it definitely shines a little light on how effective the Gyre is at moving water. The really revealing test was the one using a healthy dose of the Korallen-Zucht Coral Snow. This powdery liquid disperses quickly with the VorTechs and the Gyre alike, but the the under-current created by the Gyre is just so massive. Besides dispersing the Coral Snow in the laminar water stream, the sheet of water causing a really efficient circular water flow that enforces itself over time.

Now, this isn’t a comparison of water flow rates. Instead, it is just a visualization of how …read more

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