It Pays To Put Marine Fish On Hold

Posted by on August 15, 2014 - zero

By Jeff Kurtz

Livestock sales tanks at Coral Reef

Livestock sales tanks at Coral Reef

Marine aquarists are always hearing that it’s unwise to purchase fish or other marine livestock on impulse—that they should thoroughly research any stocking decision to make sure the animal in question is appropriate for their system, compatible with their existing livestock, and a good match for their level of expertise. All good advice to take to heart!

Now, allow me to add one more wrinkle to the fish-buying equation: In addition to doing your homework in advance of a purchase, it’s also a good idea to wait a couple days to take home a specimen that has just arrived at your LFS. I know, you’re first impulse when you see that fish you’ve been looking for is to snap it up as quickly as possible before someone else does, but practicing a little more patience and asking the dealer to hold the specimen for just a few days might pay big dividends.

Why wait?

But if you already know the fish you’ve got your eye on is a good choice for your system, …read more

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