Awesome Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals For Aquarium Nerds

Posted by on November 28, 2014 - zero

By Brandon Klaus

Black Friday

What better way is there to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday than to trample four small children, shove a few little old ladies, and knock over a guy with a cane just to you get that no-name tablet at a steep discount? If you can tell from my inflection, yes, it is the shopping season and Black Friday is peaking its ugly head around the corner. Fortunately, these sorts of shenanigans don’t happen at aquarium stores, especially since many of them are all online anyways. And in lieu of that fact, we’ve compiled a beefy list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials that are occurring right now at your favorite online aquarium retailer. While it will be full of the usual discounts on random items, this year also marks the first time products from EcoTech Marine, AquaIllumination, Neptune Systems, and a few others will have advertised discounts (not in the form of online rebates). So, we’re excited and you should be too.

Below is our list of retailers and each of their deals spelled out in the best way we could. We tried to cover a wide array of retailers, but unfortunately there are just too many to list.

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